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Welcome to my Illustration & Design portfolio site. Here you’ll find samples of my latest work, information about me as well as the inside scoop on my work process and a smattering of things that inspire me (via my blog).

Want to get in touch?

E melaniebregier@gmail.com

P 785 760 1956

Latest News

First School Visit: Goddard

On Tuesday, Andrea Cassell and I presented Kibby the Space Dog? to a room full of third and fourth graders in the Goddard school district. It was my first experience doing a school visit, and so fun to see and hear the kids’ reactions to both the story and the real dog! KWCH news even […]

when your cat is your only friend

I’ve been sick for a few days now, and quarantined to my house. My boyfriend (hitherto referred to as ‘A’) is out of the country on a family trip, and my dad is germaphobic (sorry dad, but it’s true), so no one visits me. Since I am sick, that is really okay. The downside to […]

New Website, New Start

Well, here it is–my brand spankin’ new website. Looks pretty good, huh? I have to give credit to my web-fixer Ben Regier, who helped me out whenever I got stuck. Which was a lot… The last few weeks have been busy as I’ve transitioned into full-time freelance work. I’ve been spending a lot of time […]