First School Visit: Goddard

On Tuesday, Andrea Cassell and I presented Kibby the Space Dog? to a room full of third and fourth graders in the Goddard school district. It was my first experience doing a school visit, and so fun to see and hear the kids’ reactions to both the story and the real dog! KWCH news even came and interviewed us and did a little segment on the Brett & Sierra show about the visit.

My favorite line from Andrea’s interview? “This is a form of dog bullying!” Ha! I love it, Andrea! Don’t we all feel for little Kibby?!

You can watch the video through the link below:

Students at Apollo Elementary in Goddard had a very special visitor this week. Andrea Cassell and her dog Kibby stopped by for a unique book reading and signing.

Source: Anonymous donor gives local author’s books to Goddard students

when your cat is your only friend


I’ve been sick for a few days now, and quarantined to my house. My boyfriend (hitherto referred to as ‘A’) is out of the country on a family trip, and my dad is germaphobic (sorry dad, but it’s true), so no one visits me. Since I am sick, that is really okay.

The downside to all this is that the only critter I have to chat with throughout the day is my cat Beatrice. She’s a decent conversationalist! For instance, in the above portrait she’s telling you that she’s annoyed because you stopped petting her belly.

I’ll consider doing a series on Beatrice’s expressions and their meanings. Get in touch if this sounds interesting and you’d like me to pursue it, okay?

New Website, New Start


Well, here it is–my brand spankin’ new website. Looks pretty good, huh? I have to give credit to my web-fixer Ben Regier, who helped me out whenever I got stuck. Which was a lot…

The last few weeks have been busy as I’ve transitioned into full-time freelance work. I’ve been spending a lot of time painting. Although I do love to paint, it tends to stress me out. With watercolors, any one stroke could create a problem that could force me to start over (or edit in Photoshop–who am I kidding?). It helps me to look back over my old work and remember that usually things turn out in the end if I keep at them.

The image above is my favorite from last year’s Kibby book.